Dried Floral A Premium Quality (2.2 lbs – 30.8 lbs)


The Decorative Floral Heads we carry are a naturally grown product, and vary greatly in size, and shading. Although we would love to size each and every order specifically boxes are shipped varying in size. If you require a specific product size please contact us.

We sell our packs by weights/size/shade according to your selection, we have the widest choice and a product selection that is exclusive to our company.
We guarantee the weight of your order will be ‘spot on’ or even a little heavier.

Customs and import taxes: Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We’re not responsible for delays due to customs. However do feel free to contact us if you require further assistance.

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Medium – Large

Explore our exclusive selection of Decorative Floral, each naturally grown to exhibit a unique spectrum of sizes and shades. Our carefully curated collections reflect the beauty and unpredictability of nature, with each shipment offering a diverse assortment of sizes to cater to your aesthetic preferences. We take great care in handling our dried floral arrangements, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. If you have specific requirements for your order, we invite you to reach out to us for personalized service.

Our product range is unparalleled, featuring a variety of sizes and shades to match your exacting standards. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality, guaranteeing that the weight of your order meets, if not exceeds, your expectations.

Please be advised that buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. While we are not able to control delays due to customs, our team is readily available to offer assistance and support as needed.

Our collection celebrates the diversity of the floral world, from the striking blooms of the California flower known for its vibrant hues, to the elegant white flowers that stand tall and fragrant.

Discover our exclusive offerings today and let the unmatched beauty of our decorative flora enhance your space.

Additional information

Weight 13-6.5 kg
Dimensions 45.40 × 31.43 × 7.62-32 cm

14KG (30.86 lbs) Special offer!!!!, 7KG (15.53 lbs) Special offer!!!!, 1kg (2.2 lbs), 28KG (61.73 lbs), 2kg (4.4 lbs), 3kg (6.61 lbs), 5kg (11 lbs)


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