DRIED NIGELLA (2.2lbs – 6.6lbs)


Nigella is sold in batch of 10, 50cm bunches and the red colour is completely natural

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Dried Nigella, often recognized for its culinary uses, holds a significant place in the world of floristry as well. Known in the floral industry as Love-in-a-Mist, the Nigella flower is prized for its delicate, ethereal appearance, featuring fine, feathery foliage that encases its blooms. Once the flowers fade, they leave behind ornamental seed pods that are as coveted as the flowers themselves. These seed pods have a distinctive, balloon-like shape, textured with a natural, lace-like pattern, and dry to a rich, straw-brown color, making them a popular choice for dried floral arrangements. The dried pods offer a unique architectural element to designs, adding depth and interest with their intricate details. Ideal for rustic, bohemian, or contemporary styles, dried Nigella pods provide a lasting beauty that enhances bouquets, wreaths, and other decorative crafts. Their enduring appeal in dried floral art showcases the versatility and enduring charm of Nigella in both fresh and dried forms.



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1kg (2.2 lbs), 3kg (6.61 lbs)


Blue, Green, Red


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